Mercer County Fall 2020 Sale

Raising a family is expensive, but not with JBF!! We help you get more for your money!


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Anyone can shop and Everyone can save!

We are open to the public with FREE admission - (Reg $3 Admission)  Get your FREE ticket Below!

This is one event you cannot afford to miss. Check out the schedule below and grab your FREE Ticket!

**NOTE: we are limiting occupancy to promote social distancing. Tickets are required on presale days, and capacity may be limited for admittance on public shopping days. If possible, we suggest leaving children at home.  Masks required **

This sale will be safe, sanitary, and socially-distanced! Please read our Pandemic Safety Plan HERE


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Find EVERYTHING you need for your Children from Birth to Teen at 50-90% off retail prices!  Everything is inspected for quality and recalls.

Clothing, shoes, coats, toys, books, games, baby gear, strollers, swings, exersaucers, nursery items, kid's furniture, room decor and much much more!

PRE-SALE SHOPPERS: Please note that we do Not allow children until 4pm on Friday April 23rd unless in a carrier or a stroller.


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We accept cash, debit cards, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.

We have a HOLD AREA so we can hold your items while you continue to shop!

Shop 30,000 square feet of bargins!  Everything is organized by size, gender and category.  We'll give you a shopping bag and you can shop til you drop!



Thursday, April 22 ~ DROP OFF DAY

See "Consignor Details" for more info

Friday, April 23rd ~ PRE-SALE DAY

**NOTE: we are limiting occupancy to promote social distancing. Tickets are required on presale days, and capacity may be limited for admittance on public shopping days. Please be patient if there are lines to enter the sale **

This sale will be safe, sanitary, and socially-distanced!

If at all possible, we suggest leaving children at home.

10am-8:30pm ~ Tickets Required for sellers and special guests 

10:30am Elite shoppers $25 Admission- Be the 1st to shop the least busy time! BONUS! Get a FREE Pass for Saturday's 50% Off Pre-Sale at 4:30pm (Reg $5 for you and a friend) Get ticket HERE

12:00pm     Prime Time Shoppers ($10 admission-$15 at the door)   BONUS! Get a FREE Pass for Saturday's 50% Off presale at 4:30pm (Reg. $5) Get tickets HERE

1:00pm     Consignors + 1 guest for all team members and consignors

2:00pm     First Time Parents/Grandparents, and Expecting Parents~Get your Free Ticket HERE!

3:00pm  Hometown Heroes ~ Teachers, Adoptive/Foster Parents, Military,1st Responders, fire and police families, Healthcare professionals~ Get your Free ticket HERE!!

4:00pm-8:30pm  FAMILY SHOP - Everyone Welcome! Admission is $3 but get your FREE Ticket HERE (Ticket is good for Friday after 4pm)

We do not allow children under the age of 12 at the presales until the 4pm Family Shop unless they are in a stroller or carrier. **Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  They are not allowed to play or open toys, thank you!**   

Saturday, April 24th

8am-3pm Everyone is Welcome! Do to occupancy restrictions we ask that you reserve a shopping time HERE


4:30-7pm ~ 50% OFF Pre-Sale!!  We will close to the public from 3-4:30pm. $5 for you and a friend. Get your Tickets HERE or you can pay at the door)

Sunday, April 25th ~ HALF PRICE DAY! 

Open 8am-1pm  Everyone is welcome and admission is  FREE!*** Do to occupancy restrictions we suggest reserving a shopping time HERE

50% off items WITHOUT a star for ALL Shoppers!

***Please note that we strongly recommend you do not bring children to the sale whenever possible, as we have capacity limits for the building due to Covid-19. We would like to allow as many shoppers as possible, and not have anyone waiting at the door. Thank you!

Note that masks will be required for drop off.  We have immunocompromised, pregnant, elderly, and other "at risk" consignors, and our job is to allow everyone participate equally.



Robbinsville Fieldhouse

Bored?  Looking for things to do with the kids? (or without?)

Check out Fun Things to Do In NJ HERE!!



Do you have a family based business?  We LOVE to support local mom's and businesses and are here to help get your name out! If your target market is families with young children, JBF Mercer County is the perfect fit! We look forward to partnering with you to help your business grow!

We expect 1000's of shoppers during our 3 day event!  Click HERE for more informaiton!






WANT TO CONSIGN BUT DON'T HAVE THE TIME? Our valet program is EXTREMELY limited this season. First come, first serve. Click HERE for more information.


Ready to Make MONEY? You can sell your Items too!


Jennifer and Michele
P: 610-306-1809
P: 610-742-1324

Please feel free to contact us!  We are here to help you! If you have participated in this sale in the past we could use your help and expertise!

Michele and I are busy moms just like you!  We know how expensive raising kids can be!!

I have 3 children ~ Mckenzie (16), Sophie (14) and Nash (12). They play almost every sport (at least it feels that way! LOL) I am the typical "soccer mom" and feel like I live in my car!  Sporting equipment gets expensive- that's why I first started shopping JBF and was AMAZED at what I found!  For a fraction of the price!  Then I figured I might as well sell my stuff and make some extra cash!  My 1st check was over $300, on items I was going to give away! 

Michele has 2 beautiful girls ~ Madison (18) and Mackenzie (14). They dance almost everynight of the week! 

I told Michele (my bestie) about JBF for years- when she FINALLY tried it, she was hooked!! We have been best friends for over 10 years.  And now we are partners!  We look forward to meeting you at our event(s)!!