Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


You are invited to shop the BIGGEST and BEST selection BEFORE we open to the public!!

If you are consignor (JBF seller) you are so IN! Plus, if you help at the sale, you get in even earlier.  We also welcome First Time Parents/Grandparents, Expecting, Foster and Adoptive Parents, Teachers and Military to join us.  Not in one of those groups? Not a problem!  Check out the Prime Time option below.

The Mercer County Spring presales are Friday April 26th, 2019

10:00am-  16+ Hour Team Members/Volunteers

10:30am  12 Hour Team Members/Volunteers

11:00am     8 Hour Team Members/Volunteers

11:30pm     4 Hour Team Members/Volunteers

12:00pm     Prime Time Shoppers ($10 admission) Tickets go on sale March 17th


1:00pm     Consignors + 1 guest for all team members and consignors

2:00pm     Registered First Time Parents/Grantparents and expecting parents~Get ticket HERE

3:00pm     Home Town Heros ~Teachers, Adoptive and Foster Parents, Military, 1st resonders, fire and police Families~ Get Ticket HERE

4:00pm  Presale Family Shop- Everyone welcome!  $2 admission - Get your FREE ticket HERE

Saturday April 27th

50% OFF PRESALE!!  Shop the 50% off sale BEFORE the PUBLIC!!

(doors will close to the public from 3pm-4:30pm)

3:30pm Presale for our Volunteers

4:00pm  Presale for our Consigors

4:30pm 50% off Presale opens to the Public!  Get your Free ticket HERE

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to time and constraints, we DO NOT allow children under the age of 12 (unless in a stroller or straped to you:) to atttend the presale activities on Friday until the 4pm public shopping.  We would like our volunteers and shoppers who earned this early shopping pass to enjoy quite shopping without children running around:)




You sneak in right after our Team Member Presales (hint, hint...shorter lines and better selection!) Your pre-paid $10 ticket gives you access at 12pm on Friday, April 26th

Get your Ticket HERE!



If you are expecting your first child or grandchild or have had your 1st child or grandchild in the past 12 months, you qualify!  There is no cost to attend, however pre-registration is required!  You may request up to 2 tickets and entry time is 2pm-9pm Friday April 26th. Click HERE for your FREE Pass!!


Home Town Heros

We want to thank teachers, Foster and adoptive families, Military, 1st responders, doctors, nurses, firefighters and police families for all you do for our community!

Whether shopping for the classroom, Sunday School or your own homeschooled chidren, come see what JBF Mercer County is all about!  There is no cost to attend, however pre-registration is required.  You may request up to 2 tickets and entry time is 3pm on Friday April 26th. You may shop between 3-9pm. Click HERE to get your FREE Pass!



Jennifer and Michele

P: 610-306-1809
P: 610-742-1324

Please feel free to contact us!  We are here to help you! If you have participated in this sale in the past we could use your help and expertise!

Michele and I are busy moms just like you!  We know how expensive raising kids can be!!

I have 3 children ~ Mckenzie (14), Sophie (12) and Nash (10). They play almost every sport (atleast it feels that way! LOL) I am the typical "soccer mom" and feel like I live in my car!  Sporting eqipment gets expensive- that's why I first started shopping JBF and was AMAZED at what I found!  For a fraction of the price!  Then I figured I might as well sell my stuff and make some extra cash!  My 1st check was over $300, on items I was going to give away! 

Michele has 2 beautiful girls ~ Madison (16) and Mackenzie (12). They dance almost everynight of the week! 

I told Michele (my bestie) about JBF for years- when she FINALLY tried it, she was hooked!! We have been best friends for over 8 years.  And now we are partners!  We look forward to meeting you at our event(s)!!